About the educational tour in Nepal

ducational Tour now in Nepal is becoming more popular. Nepal is a country with long history with many stories behind it. Nepal is rich for diverse culture as Nepal is country of minorities. More than 123 ethnic groups of people with own culture, Language, traditions and way of life are live in Nepal and Education tour is the best way to study Nepal’s culture and History.

Educational tour in Nepal is the best way to explore the natural beauty of Nepal. Nepal has different landscape as Nepal own the highest peak of the earth “The Mountain Everest” furthermore, Nepal owns 8 highest mountains of the world out of 14. Nepal has many valleys, Rivers, hills and plain Terai. Nepal is best place to experience the Adventure trekking & Hiking, Cultural Tours, Nature hikes, Jungle Safaris, River Rafting and Mountain expedition So, Nepal is best place for the School and University students to Study about the Geography, Culture, climate and people.

Educational tour is best way to explore national parks of Nepal where the students learn about and animals in the wild and captivity, see how the local people live in harmony with nature and observe Nepal’s efforts at wildlife conservation and preservation of the natural environment and we have education tour program for students.

Educational tours goes around the ancient cities of Nepal and the rural areas where the students learns team buildings, farming methods and people lifestyle as well. Find some of the most popular tours for the high school and university students and select one that is most suitable for your students. Furthermore, we make Educational program in Nepal as per the requirements of your students.