About Bhutan tours

Bhutan Tours are the best way to explore Bhutan, the Bhutan is land of the Thunder dragon. The Bhutan is a small Himalayan country located in south Asia.  Bhutan is popular travel destinations in the world to explore cultural and natural heritages of Bhutan. Bhutan Tours are arranged is package style where all the travel related services are included such as tour guide, hotels, transfers, visa, travel permits and meals. When you take tour to Bhutan then you do not have to be worry as all these comes in packaged tour to Bhutan.

Bhutan is land of remarkable natural beauty with traditional people and culture.  The Bhutan was isolated from the rest of the world till 1974 AD to preserve the rich natural environment and lively Buddhist cultures and lifestyle. But now, Bhutan is opened for tourism and travel, Bhutan has been dream destination for many tourist around the world and thousands of people tour to Bhutan every year, Know more about Bhutan- Travel Guide to Bhutan.

Bhutan Tour is available now to book online through our website. We have some of the most popular Bhutan tour program So, look at them and select one that is suitable for you and inquiry us if you those set program is not suitable and you want tailor make and customized tour in Bhutan. Bhutan is not only for the tour furthermore, you can do trekking in Bhutan, as there are many places for trekking in Bhutan So, let us know if you want to have trekking in Bhutan as well.