To answers to these questions, there is not any fixed or scheduled training course to complete the Everest Base camp trek and it may varies for different tourist as per the places they lice and have any availability of regular hiking or walking and the altitude they are living. However, we have given here some common suggestion for the preparation for the trek to EBC to everyone.

Physically fit and healthy

First of all, you must be physical fit and healthy for the Everest Base Camp Trek, you do not need any previous trekking experience in high altitude but you should be fit and healthy and we advise you to visit your doctor to check your health before planning for the trek.

Mental preparation

Once you checked with the doctor and are fit and healthy then please be prepared mentally for the trek and the mental Preparation is very important to make trek successful and once you are mentally prepared that you can do the trek successfully, please be always positive that you can do the trek then you can gain stamina for the trek.

General fitness and improve stamina

We advise you to start to do general physical activities such as stretching, walking, hiking, climbing staircases and you can even go to gym for this exercise etc that is very helpful to be fit and gain stamina.

Go on small trekking

We are not sure if there is any availability of doing small trekking/ hiking in your places and if you have access on them then it is always advisable to go on small hiking/trekking before heading to Everest Base Camp Trek.

 Buy adequate trekking equipment

You need to have enough trekking equipment as the trekking is to difficult when you do not have enough trekking gear such as trekking shoes, you need to have proper trekking shoes and we advise you to buy it sometime in advance and practice walking with your new shoes before you start the trek to Everest Base camp as if you come with new trekking shoes they may give you trouble on trek as your shoes my not fit with your new shoes as it is important to have good and comfortable shoes for the trek and the rest of the other trekking equipment should be sufficient and we advise you only to pack your gear that you must need for the trek as over pack for  the trek also may give you trouble as it is not easy to trek with overweight and if you have light weight and have everything you need for the trek, that will help you to make your trek successful.

Book your trek with reputable company

You need to book your trek with government registered and reputable company, Our company is reputable and government registered company. As the trekking crew have vital role to make your trek successful as a guide will help and support you a lot to complete the trek successfully and when you book the trek with a company then you will have porter to carry your luggage on trek which mean you will trek with your small day pack and the trekking with light day pack make lot difference on trek and ask the company to design the itinerary carefully with adequate extra acclimatization on  days on trek as we have carefully designed 16 days itinerary for the Everest Base camp trek with acclimatization days in Namche and Dingbuche and we are always happy to add more days on the itinerary if you think you need.

Buy Travel insurance

We advise you to have travel insurance for the Everest Base camp that cover medical and emergency evacuation in case you get sick while you trek on trek, we never want you to return without being at base camp however some time people may get sick and that time you may need to return to city and visit doctor and the Helicopter is only the reliable transportation in Mountain in Nepal to rescue people and it is expensive to pay by individually and when you have this insurance then you have good feeling that even if you get any problem then you will be rescue and safe so, you will be mentally strong which is helpful to make successful trek to base camp.

After being mentally ready, physically fit and healthy, having good trekking equipment and booking trek with reliable company with guide and porter and buying travel insurance, you are almost ready for the trek and there is very high chance to have successful trek to base camp and we can always write us if you need any additional information.