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Tour in Nepal

Nepal is an archaeological paradise with UNESCO world heritage sites, Temples older like the sun and the only country in the world where history still lives on…virtually! Nepal, a paradise for having tour in Nepal alongside of ancient cities, cultural and religious heritages and pilgrimages, have wonderful snaps of sunrise and sunset and abundant of mountain vistas, roam around and explore ancient arts and architecture, and what not, with diverse incredible landscapes and diverse ethnic groups, a rich ancient arts and artifacts, intoxicating culture, and rituals, these all have made Nepal a unique country to travel.

Ancient cities of Kathmandu valley--Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, the serene, tranquil and picturesque valley--Pokhara, the peaceful and soothing, the birth place of lord Gautam Buddha--Lumbini, Nepal’s one of the finest and largest national park--Chitwan, where you will find that full of wild-life, abundant variety of flora and fauna and equally you can enjoy with jungle safari, elephant riding, jeep safari, canoe ride, jungle walk bird watching and what not and these features are explicit enough why tour in Nepal has been popular and ultimate destination for many travelers.

The Tours in Nepal gives you insights into tourism activities where visitors can enjoy diverse cultures, religions, people and their warm hospitality, traditions & primitive city areas, despite the onrush of modernism structures, still follow traditions that date back hundreds if not a thousand years, we at 'Outfitter Nepal' give you tours in Nepal so that you can explore the diversity, & cultural heritage of Nepal since prehistoric times, where you come across lifestyles of friendly people who ceaselessly ring temple bells calling upon the gods to destroy their enemies or to bestow them with riches for happier times. We arrange tour packages in Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur, Patan city, Pokhara valley, Chitwan, Lumbini, Gorkha, Nagarkot, & Dhulikhel, where you have an assortment of varieties with schedules to match your conveniences. We also offer distant excursions to incredible natural beauty spots of consequential opulence of fantastic views with cultural varieties covering the whole of the country that could literally amaze your senses with how people, despite their differences, live in peace & harmony with one another.

Kathmandu is not only the capital city of Nepal but also known to be capital of temples and historical sites, as it is endowed with the seven World Heritage sites and there are many historical sites including Bhaktapur Durbar square, Patan Durbar square, Kathmandu Durbar square, Pasupatinath temple, Swayambunath, Bouddhanath, Chagunarayan Temple and so many rich historical emblems within this ancient city that was conquered in the early parts of the morning, even before the waking of birds, by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, the only king who had unified this country, the statistics puts that there are as many as 125 caste and ethnic groups, who speak 123 languages, living from ancient three-cities of Kathmandu valley-- Kathmandu, Patan, Lalitpur, to remote villages that are perched on the hills to the plain land in Terai, no doubt are clustered with tiny monasteries, temples, beautiful homes and more, these all have made Nepal a unique and paradise for travelers from across the world.

We have designed an array of tour packages to give you easier options to plan your holidays to Nepal keeping in mind that different travelers may have different interests and time limitations; however, we tailor make your trips to suit our conveniences &  timeframe which you can find on our highly informative website and all of our tours programs are accompanied by highly trained professional tour guides who spare nothing to give you the dizzy information of Nepal’s rich history where the screams of royal treason & subsequent tragedy still echo in the corridors of Nepal’s ancient monuments till this day…

Plan your historical & cultural tours with ‘OUTFITTER NEPAL’ & walk into a history that not only repeats itself but still kicks on till this very day…


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