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The Tibet is located at the roof of the world and now, it has become one of the popular travel destinations and it is not difficult to get Tibet from other part of China and from Nepal by flight or overland!

How Get Tibet:

The Tibet is located at the roof of the world and now, it has become one of the popular travel destinations and it is not difficult to get Tibet from other part of China and from Nepal by flight or overland!

Get Tibet by overland from Nepal:

Being a neighboring country of Nepal, one can travel to Tibet from Nepal by overland and once of the easiest border to enter Tibet through China-Nepal Highway also known as Friendship Highway and it takes about 3-5 days to reach Lhasa from Nepal and there are many tourist attraction including Zhangmu, Nyalam, Tingri, Everest base camp, and Tingri etc… and the route to travel for 7 nights 8 days from Nepal was once of the most popular route before the earthquake on the 25th April, 2015 and it has been closed after the earth quake due to the lost of damage on trail.

Get Tibet by Flight from Nepal:

There are direct flights available from Kathmandu, Nepal to Lhasa, Tibet and return by Sichuan Airline and Air China so, one can travel Tibet easily by flight from Nepal and we have Lhasa - Tibet Tour wiht flight from Nepal as well.

Visa and Permit to travel Tibet:

You are required to have China visa to travel Tibet and it can be obtained from Chinese Embassy in Nepal through tour operator like Outfitter Nepal and a part from Visa you need to have travel permit to travel Tibet and the Visa and travel permit need to have beforehand to start the tour. One need to confirm the tour itinerary/program through the operator before applying for the visa and permit as individual and independent travelers are not allow to travel Tibet and it takes three business days with valid passport to obtain visa and travel permit from Nepal.

Accommodation in Tibet:

Different categories of the hotels/guest houses from budget to luxury are available in Lhasa Tibet and the more off-road travel, the more primitive the accommodation will be and you will stay in guest houses and the bathroom facilities should be shared!

Best time to travel Tibet:

Climate is not such a major consideration when visiting Tibet as many people might imagine, for a place nicknamed the land of snows, there is a surprising lack of snow, the boom in domestic tourism means that Lhasa swells with Chinese tourists in the summer and particularly in the week-long holidays around 1st may and 1st October and the winter is very cold in Tibet, but some travelers swear by the winter months. There are few travelers about at this time and Lhasa is crowded with Drokpas (nomads).

Spring, early summer and late autumn are probably the best times to visit Tibet and the March is a politically sensitive month in the country and there is occasional tightening of restrictions on travelers heading into Tibet at this time, but the weathers pretty good. April brings reliable weather in eastern Tibet and discounts on accommodation and vehicle rental in Lhasa and Mt Everest is particularly clear during April and May.

Trips to Mt Kailash can be undertaken from April to October, although September and October are considered the best months and the October is also the best time to make a trip out to the east the Lhasa and its environs don’t get really cold until the end of November.

Money and Banking:

In Tibet, the only place to change foreign currency and travelers checks is the Bank of China. All the star ranking hotels in Lhasa have exchange services but they are only available for guests. The sensible thing to do is to change as much money in Lhasa as you think you need. The only other places to change money are in Shigatse, Zhangmu and Purang. If you are traveling upcountry, try and get your cash in small denominations, RMB100 and RMB50 bills.

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