Responsible Travel

Outfitter Nepal's main vision is to provide first class travel and holiday package through sustainable and responsible way. We are always careful to minimize the negative impacts of tourism in the local societies and natural environment and maximize the positive impacts on Local Economy, culture and Nature of tourism while we operate tours and treks in our destinations and we apply following responsible tourism policy to make the tourism sustainable.

Economic Policy:

We use local guide and staff to generate rural economics.
We use local products on our tours to generate rural economics.
We advise you to Buy locally made crafts and support local skills to encourage the positive sides of tourism.
We advise you to have local food as it is helpful to the local farmers as well as the local economy.

Environmental Policy:

We use energy saving bulbs and turn off any unnecessary electricity and we switch off all power sources, including computers at office while office is closed.
We are conscious to minimize the paper consumption by creating online brochures and e-newsletters.
We use gas/kerosene for cooking and heating to protect the forest in the Tented Camp Trek.
We place the rubbish in proper bin at our office and on trek and tour.
We advise to our costumer/clients not to bring unnecessary packaging and plastics in the trek/tour.
We are conscious to minimize water consumption at our office and on tour and trek as well.
We advise to our costumer/clients to bring water bottle to re-use for boiled/treated water instead of buying bottled water while trekking in the mountains to decrease the use of the plastic bottles.
We advise to our clients not buy ancient artifacts or souvenirs made from endangered species.
We advise to our staff and clients not to touch, feed or disturb to the wild animals.
We advise you to bring environmentally friendly detergents and shampoos and use as little as possible to keep fresh water supplies free from pollution.
We advise to carry out all non biodegradable rubbish, if any is left behind in the morning, please bring to the guides attention.
We advise to our staffs and clients not to damage any plants on trekking trail.

Cultural Exchange and Respect:

We do not discriminate the people in the name of the color, sex, religion, nationality, and race, age any and we ask you to do the same.
Think carefully about giving money to beggars, it is often more effective to give money to local charities to reduce reliance and expectation.
Wearing Short and tight clothes are not advisable in our destinations and must not be worn while you visit monasteries and temples.
We advise you not to Kiss and hold hands in public spare in order to respect the culture.
We advise you to ask for permission before taking photographs to respect for the local people.

Guide and Porter Policy:

Trekking guides and porters are the backbone of the trekking industry so, we at Outfitter Nepal appreciate the hard work of our guides and porters and we follow the below Guide and Porter Policy to ensure that they are working in good condition and fair standard, as all of us are Human after all and we ask to our clients to behave the same and the following are the some policy that we follow:

All our guides and porters receive medical coverage care when they are ill or injured.
We provide basic accommodation to our guides and porters while they are on trek and tour.
We provide appropriate clothing to our guides and porters.
We don’t overload our porters; we limit the loads from 20-25 KG – According to the destinations.
We support to Porters' Progress Nepal who works for the welfare of the porters in Nepal.

Certificate & Partners

Nepal GovernmentNepal Tourism BoardTAANNepal Mounteering AssociationHimalayan Rescue Association
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