Birthplace of Buddha !
Nepal - Birth Place of Lord Buddha!

Nepal is small landlocked country located in south Asia between China (Tibet) in north and India in east, south and west and it is known for its beautiful scenery, culture and people, the adventure lovers and non- trekkers both are equally fond of the Himalayas and the its Geographical structure plus the culture, architecture, temples, shrines, glorious history, peoples, Lakes, Rivers, Jungles and much more. There is something about a trek in the Himalaya that brings you back time and again and Nepal has population around 30 million and it is unify of Hindu, Buddhism, animist religion and some Muslims and Christians, the Nepal is a mosaic of cultures, ethnic groups and languages as well and It is amazing that in a country of this size there are over 125 different ethnic groups and more than 123 spoken languages.

Democratic republic of Nepal:

On the 28th May 2008, the constituent assembly voted in overwhelming favor of abolishing the monarchy in Nepal and declared federal democratic republic of Nepal and this historic development followed a ceasefire agreement between the government and the Maoists signed in November 2006, putting an end to 10 years of instability and violence in the country and the announcement of the abolishment of the monarchy also brought an end to 240 years of Royal rule in the country and today the general feeling among Nepalese is a positive and many believe that Nepal is now finally moving forward with a new identity as a democratic country.

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Trekking Regions

  • Pilgrimage tours in Nepal2 Trips

    Pilgrimage Tours

    Nepal is home to many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites and the Himalayas is considered…

  • Festival Trekking and Tours in Nepal5 Trips

    Festival Tours

    Nepal is country of festivals and there are many festivals in Nepal those are celebrated…

  • Trekking In Nepal64 Trips

    Nepal Trekking

    Trekking in Nepal, known as ‘Himalayan Hiking’ is one of the most popular adventure tourism…

  • Nepal Jungle Safari2 Trips

    Nepal Jungle Safari

    Nepal is rich in wild life, vegetation and Jungle safari tour, as Nepal is country…

  • Climbing and Expeditions4 Trips

    Climbing and Expedition

    Nepal is a top notch destination for Peak Climbing and Mountain Expedition with over 600…

  • Day Tours, Nepal14 Trips

    Day Tour

    There are many day-sightseeing tour, day hikes and adventure sports in and around Kathmandu, and…

  • Adventure sports3 Trips

    Adventure sports

    Nepal is paradise for adventure seekers and the trekking, climbing and expeditions are common adventure…

  • Winter Holidays in Nepal18 Trips

    Winter Holidays

    Outfitter Nepal offers holiday in winter season in Nepal, from mid December to mid February…

  • Moon soon Holidays16 Trips

    Monsoon Holidays

    Nepal is a traveler’s destination for around the year, as the autumn and the Spring…

  • Home stay treks and tours6 Trips

    Home Stay Holidays

    Home stay style of trekking and tours is a new concept of tourism in Nepal…

  • Family Holidays20 Trips

    Family Holidays

    Nepal is an ideal travel destination for families to enjoy with the family members and…

  • Educational Holiday5 Trips

    Educational Trips

    Outfitter Nepal cover all aspects of travel service including the tour and travel in Nepal…

  • Hiking in Nepal7 Trips

    Nepal Hiking

    Hiking is walking holidays and short version of trekking, basically, we call trekking for a…

  • Tour in Nepal15 Trips

    Tour in Nepal

    Nepal is an archaeological paradise with UNESCO world heritage sites, Temples older like the sun…

  • Nepal Rafting4 Trips

    Nepal Rafting

    Rafting on Nepal’s wild rivers is one of the most thrilling water wonders that can…

  • Multi Countries3 Trips

    Multi Countries Trips

    Outfitter Nepal offers Multi Countries holidays from Nepal including visit of multi-countries such as Bhutan…

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