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Kathmandu tour offers many historical and cultural visits in Nepal. The Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and also known as the city of temples. Kathmandu has many significant history and historical landmarks. Kathmandu is also the main entry point of foreigner to Nepal, and one of the biggest tourist destination of Nepal. Captivated with precise architecture, centuries-old Hindu and Buddhist religious sites, several restaurants presenting world-class cuisine, numerous hotels and markets have made Kathmandu the best place to explore.

Kathmandu tours offers tours to many UNESCO world heritage cultural sites, the Kathmandu valley itself has 7-world heritages cultures sites that are Kathmandu Durbar Squire, Monkey temple, Pasupatinath temple, Bouddhanath temple, Patan Durbar squire, Bhaktapur durbar squire and Chagunarauan temple and each of them has own history and story.

Kathmandu tour includes hikes around the hills of Kathmandu ridges, furthermore, it has many other temples, Gumpas, Shrines and old towns, cultural and religious landmarks. You can spend many days in and around Kathmandu. Stepping into Kathmandu is like stepping into a different world that everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. Kathmandu has a lot to offer then one can even imagine.

Kathmandu tour is the best way to explore the capital of Nepal, Being the capital city with one and only International Airport to fly in and out, everyone should have travel through Kathmandu even if they are planning to travel to the other parts of Nepal.

Kathmandu tour is available with Outfitter Nepal Treks and expedition. Some of the major tourism spots in Kathmandu are:

Kathmandu Durbar Squire:

Kathmandu tour offers tour to Kathmandu durbar squire in Kathmandu. Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites also known as Hanuman Dhoka Square/Basantapur is one of the main attractions in Kathmandu Valley. The name Hanuman Dhoka Durbar is originated from the statue of Hanuman set up by the King Pratap Malla at the passage of the regal royal residence in 1672 A.D. There are several temples, shrines, courtyards, and a palace inside the Durbar square that reflects the art and architecture of the medieval time.

Swayambhunath Stupa

Kathmandu tour offers tour to Swayambhunath Stupa, the Legends say that Swayambhu was conceived out of a lotus blossom that sprouted amidst a lake that once spread over the Kathmandu Valley. The biggest picture of the Sakyamuni Buddha in Nepal sits on a pedestal on the western limit of Swayambhu. Behind the ridge is a temple committed to Manjusri or Saraswati - the Goddess of learning. Chaityas, statues, and holy places of Buddhist and Hindu divinities fill the stupa complex.

Patan Durbar Square

Kathmandu tour offers tour to Patan. The Patan is also popularly known as Lalitpur, the most seasoned of all the three urban communities of Kathmandu valley. It is best known for its dominating legacy. It is most likely one of the established Buddhist towns on the planet. The city is encompassed by 4 Stupas as 4 corners of Patan, one at each side. These stupas are said to have been built by the well-known Emperor Ashoka.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Kathmandu tour offers visit of Bhaktapur Durbar Squire, the Bhaktapur is samous for its religious, culture and verifiable legacy, Bhaktapur is an open exhibition hall. This town is wealthy in antique arts, religious monuments, astounding social conventions, handicrafts, and ancient statues.

Moreover, the city is likewise acclaimed as a city of divine lives. Bhaktapur has a bunch of sanctuaries, pagodas, landmarks, yard, squares, conventional houses, aesthetic stones, taps, and additionally Buddhist cloisters built on various occasions of the history.

Changu Narayan Temple

Kathmandu tour offers tour of Chagunarayan temple. The Changu Narayan Temple is known as the oldest temple in the Kathmandu Valley. The statue inside the temple shows Vishnu as Narayan, the creator of all life, however, the delightfully improved metal-plate entryway are opened for ceremonies and only Hindus are allowed to enter. Moreover, the Garuda figure facing the west entryway is said to date from the fifth century.

Pashupatinath Temple

Kathmandu tour include tour of Pasupatinath temple. The Pasupatinath temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, Pashupatinath is one of the four most vital religious sites in Asia for devotees of Shiva. Built in the fifth century, and later redesigned by Malla rulers, the site itself is said to have existed from the earliest starting point of the thousand years when a Shiva lingam was found here. The biggest temple complex in Nepal, it extends on the two sides of the Bagmati River which is viewed as heavenly by Hindus.

Boudhanath Stupa

Kathmandu tour offers tout to Bouddhanath stupa. The Bouddhanath stupa is located 8 km toward the east of downtown Kathmandu, Boudhanath is a standout amongst the most imposing tourist spots in Kathmandu. The 36-meter-high stupa of Boudhanath is one of the biggest stupas in South Asia. With incalculable religious communities encompassing it, Boudhanath is the focal point of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal.

Kopan Monastery

Kathmandu tour offers tour to Kopan Monastery, the Kopan Monastery is located on a peak north of Bodhnath, Kopan is famous among outsiders for its courses in Tibetan Buddhism. Kopan Monastery was established by Lama named ‘Thubten Yeshe’, who passed away in 1984, prompting an overall search for his reincarnation. A youthful Spanish kid, Osel Torres, was proclaimed to be the reincarnated lama. Lama Tenzin Osel Rinpoche never again lives at Kopan (he later disavowed his promises to wind up a cinematographer in Ibiza).

The Garden of Dreams

Kathmandu tour offers tour to Garden of Dreams and the Garden of dreams is a neo-traditional authentic garden, Garden of Dreams is one of the popular sites inside Kathmandu for spending few hours. The Garden was renowned as 'The Garden of Six Seasons', which was made by late Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana (1892-1964) in mid-1920. After the fruition of this Garden, it was considered as a standout amongst the most modern private greenhouses of that time.

Narayanhiti Palace

Kathmandu tour offers tour of Narayanhiti Palace and the Narayanhiti Palace Narayanhiti Palace Museum is the previous regal royal residence that is the principal focus of Kathmandu. The Narayanhiti Palace was transformed into a historical center and was made open to the general public. People from everywhere throughout the world can visit this museum. Still many sections of this museum are prohibited to enter by the public and strongly guarded by the army.


Kathmandu tour offers tour of Budhanilkantha and the Budhanilkantha statue of the Hindu god Vishnu was discovered around 10 kilometers from the main point of Kathmandu at the base of the Shivapuri Hill, is the biggest and most precise stone carving of Nepal. The Budhanilkantha statue is 5 meters long and lies in a leaning back position inside a recessed tank of water (representing the cosmic sea) that is 13 meters long.

Called the Sleeping Vishnu, or Jalakshayan Narayan, the statute describes the god leaning back on the winding curls of the inestimable snake (Shesha is the everlasting, multi-headed lord of the snake deities known as Nagas, and furthermore is the devotee of Vishnu).

Balaju Garden

Kathmandu tour offers tour to Balaju Garden and the Balaju Garden is located three kilometers north-west of Kathmandu and is a tranquil park perfect for unwinding yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Built in the eighteenth century, the recreation center has a line of 22 stone water gushes and every one of them has ornamentally carved crocodile head.

Particularly for the royal family who was prohibited from visiting the real Budhanilkantha temple, one of its replicas was built here so that royal family members can visit here instead.


Kathmandu tour offers tour to Kirtipur and the Kirtipur presents an incredible Newari culture, the indigenous culture of the Kathmandu Valley. Likewise, Kirtipur is the starting point of several days hiking to close hills like Champa Devi from where the impressive view of the Himalayas can be seen on a clear day. Moreover, the town presents ancient homes and temple constructed with precise architecture. Enjoy the best Newari food while you are here and explore the town on the cycle for a better experience.


Kathmandu tour offers tour to Bugmati. The Bugmati (Bungamati) is the origination of Rato Machhendranath, viewed as the supporter of the valley, and the huge shikhara – style temple in the focal point of the town square. The chowk around the temple is a standout amongst the most places in the valley – here one can see the core of a working Newari town.


Kathmandu tour offers tour to Khokana. The Khokana is another pleasant Newar town located south of Kathmandu valley. This Newar town is mainstream for cultivating mustard seed, and its products like mustard oil. The famous Rudrayani temple is located here and has an excellent design with its pagoda style. Just opposite of this temple there is a goat-sacrificing pond and every year during a festival, locals sacrifice goats here as a gift to the ditties.

Pharping Monastery

Kathmandu tour offers tour to Pharping. Pharping is a flourishing Newari town who’s ancient Buddhist pilgrimage sites have been assumed to control by vast numbers of Tibetans. A circuit of this religious destinations makes a convincing outing from Kathmandu.

Increasingly Buddhist religious communities are opening up around here consistently, some of which acknowledge outside dharma understudies as well. A perfect place to rejuvenate in the tranquility and blessed aroma of the monasteries.

Dakshinkali Temple

Kathmandu tour offers Dakshinkali Temple visits. The Dakshinkali Temple is a standout amongst the most popular sanctuaries in Nepal. This temple is committed to Kali, the dreadful incarnation of Lord Shiva's wife, Parwati. This Dakshinkali temple is located southwest of the Kathmandu, which is forty-five minutes’ drive by a vehicle.

Hundreds of devotees gather in a vast mass particularly on Tuesday and Saturday where they more often sacrifice cocks and male goats. The Dashain celebration in October month is an authentic celebration here.

White (Seto) Gumpa

Kathmandu tour offers tour to Seto Gumba, the Seto Gumba (White Gumba) is a unique architecture alongside religious significance. It is located at Druk Amitabha Mountain. Encompassed by distinctive territory and rich green valley known as Seto Gumba presents excellent dawn and restless twilight.

The entire view (Birds eye perspective) of Kathmandu valley can be seen from here in the most astounding way. On the off chance that you are looking for fervor just as tranquility this is the perfect place that you can visit.

Chandragiri Hill

Kathmandu tour offers tour to Chandragiri Hill. The Chandragiri Hill, seven kilometers from Thankot, lies on the South-West of Kathmandu Valley and is 2,551 meters above from sea level. On a clear morning, one can see captivating views of the Himalayan Ranges from Annapurna to Everest. There are also options of hiking like you can hit the trail to Chitlang and several other places from here. There are numerous hotels and restaurants located up here to make the trip more joyful and comfortable.


Kathmandu tour offers visit of Kakani, the Kakani is a town in the Nuwakot District of the Bagmati Zone. This place is well known for all-encompassing mountains views of Annapurna (8,091 m), Manasalu (8,156 m), Ganesh Himal (7,422 m), Langtang Lirung (7,227 m) and several other mountains. One can likewise observe the common excellence of the Kathmandu Valley, the general population and their way of life and conventions.


Kathmandu tour offers visit of Kulekhani. The Kulekhani is located in Makwanpur district, and it is one the famous place for fishing, hiking, trekking, and boating. Moreover, Kulekhani is also widely known for its hydropower plant. The region presents a beautiful landscape view. One can reach Kulekhani in several different ways but, a drive through the Dakshinkali- Hetauda highway and hiking of around 19-20 km from Naubise are the two main ways.


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