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Helicopters Tours in Nepal is the best and luxury way to explore Nepal and its natural wonders in short span of time. The Helicopter tour is becoming more and more popular in recent days as many travelers have very little time and they want to explore the Nepal Himalayas in fullest and the best and easiest way to do it is by taking Heli tour in Nepal.

Helicopter tour is best way to observe the Himalayas. It takes many days to reach Himalayas by trekking on foot and not all the travelers have that long holiday to take long treks to the base camps and many do to have physical fitness to walk in to the high Himalayas for many days. So, the Helicopter tour is one and only way to see the Himalayas for them and this is one of the reason that the Heli tour in Nepal now is very popular.

Helicopter Tours in Nepal are available for Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region and all the other Himalayan regions of Nepal. You take helicopter fly tour around the Himalayas. The Helicopter tours are form 1 hour to many hours as it depends on which tour, how long tour do you want to take and how many times do you want to be landed. the helicopter tours in Nepal offers landing service as well and you see the Himalayas very close from your eyes and you have chance to take nice photographs of those Himalayas on our Helicopter tours.

Helicopter tours offers stunning Himalayan views of different Himalayan range from the window of the Helicopter. Helicopter tour is amazing and life time experiences to discover the Himalayas, Landscape and bio- diversity of Nepal.

Helicopter tours are available all throughout the year. Good weather is mandatory for any heli tour in Nepal. Find some of the most popular Helicopter tours on our page and select one that you are looking for. Inquiry us if you want to take different helicopter tours in any region of Nepal. We at Outfitter Nepal offers best and fair price for Heli Tour in Nepal.


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