Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours are the best luxury way to explore Nepal Himalayas and the best option for those have limited days to observe the Himalayas or the cultures or pilgrimage sites or for those who are not able to trek or hike to the High Himalayas.
Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Outfitter Nepal Offers Helicopter Tours to the Himalayas like to Everest or Annapurna or cultural sites like Muktinath or Maratika cave or any places you desire to travel in Nepal.

Nepal offers some of trekking trails those are popular among the world’s trekking trails and not all the people have enough time to take those long trekking trails to get the sights of world beautiful Himalayas, so, this case, Outfitter Nepal offer Helicopter flight tours to see those Himalayas or if you would like to do some trek in any region in Nepal, then we can fly to certain places of the trek and trek for few days to reach the final destination and return by taking Helicopter flights and these types of Helicopter trekking is popular and best for those have limited days and still want to see the Nepal Himalayas.

The Helicopter tours in Nepal now, have become even more popular and the tours offers stunning Himalayan views of different Himalayan range and the Helicopter tour will be the amazing and life time experiences to discover the Himalayas, Landscape and bio- diversity of Nepal.


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