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The best way to discover and explore Nepal’s magical combination of natural, cultural heritage, traditional culture and rare wildlife is by taking a package tour and it is the best way to explore the dramatic contrasts in elevations, climatic condition and habitations of Nepal, we make programs for students to experience the natural wonders of Nepal with a visit of the popular national parks of Nepal where the students learn about and observe animals in the wild and captivity, see how the local people live in harmony with nature and observe Nepal’s efforts at wildlife conservation and preservation of the natural environment and we make a program for them to take in the history and culture of Nepal.

Travel around the ancient cities of Nepal and the rural areas, learning about the history of the team buildings, and the farming methods of the local people and explore the natural countryside on foot, we make educational program and tours for the students according to the requirements of the schools, colleges and universities as the programs depends on their interests, time, budget and subject they want to know of Nepal such as trekking for the team building and the adventure, others we have historical tours, cultural tours, volunteers programs, rafting adventures, jungle safari tours and many adventures. And we can make a program including all above programs and tours as per your interests and time frame: and now, we have designed few programs for them to consider:


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