• Ghorepani Trekking

    Thanks to outfitter Nepal for an amazing holiday. Your dedicated staff did an amazing job of looking after us.

    They were very knowledgeable on all aspects of Nepal and were also very honest fun and caring in general. Coming from a customer service industry in Australia we take our hat off to you guys Always very organized prompt and efficient in every wayWe will highly recommend outfitter Nepal to our friends and colleagues.

    Nepal is a beautiful safe country to visit and I hope the tourist will start to visit again as its a tough time for the locals without the support.

    Looking forward to our next visit we love Nepal

  • Annapurna Base camp with Outfitter Nepal

    I had one of the adventures of my life. My flight from KL to Kathmandu was overbooked, and had to transit to KTM from New Delhi. In the midst of the transit, my baggage got lost in between.

    Raj (co-founder) was very helpful in reuniting my friends and I. Outfitters were also very generous in lending me their down-jacket and sleeping bag, which were of substantial quality.

    I actually did the Annapurna Sanctuary without my baggage!

    If it wasn't for Outfitters, I wouldn't have survived to witness a magnificent snowed Annapurna Base Camp.

  • Khopra Ridge trek

    We were recommended Outfitter Nepal from friends who had used them to do the Annapurna Khopra Trek. We liked a lot of the activities but were unsure how to fit bits of everything into our trip to Nepal.

    We emailed Arjun who was so prompt in his response. We told him what we were interested in and he put together a custom itinerary for us. It was perfect! He set our expectations on weather conditions, hotels and service and took care of everything. Our day tour guide in Kathmandu was very knowledgeable and efficient.

    The white water rafting was great! Chitwan jungle was extremely humid. Pokhara was great and clean. Nargakot would have been absolutely stunning had we have gone prior to monsoon season.
    We had a friendly farewell dinner with Arjun where he was able to talk about our trip and we would highly recommend these guys! He really cared about our experience and valued our feedback.

  • Ghorepani Poon hill Trek

    My husband and I booked a special package tour with Outfitter Nepal for our honeymoon and from the absolute beginning of our emails with Arjun (one of the company directors) to their organizing a car to drive us back to the airport, we have had a fantastic experience.

    Because we got this tour through a special deal provider, we didn't know what to expect and thought it might be a cheap abridged version of Nepal's sightseeing potential. But instead, we had an amazing itinerary full of cultural and historical sightseeing, then a challenging and very rewarding 5 day trek to Poon Hill, a relaxing 2 day jungle safari, and a lovely farewell dinner with Raj (company manager).

    The itinerary was set out well: something low key, then a challenging trekking adventure, and then the opportunity to wind down again. The guides and porters from Outfitter Nepal were excellent: friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and helpful. Within a day, our group (we had a perfect group size of 10) and the guides/porters were getting along like family.

    My husband and I had arrived a day earlier than the tour was officially starting, and Raj had given us the option to go on an additional day tour to visit Bhaktapur and Patan which was great.

    All our accommodation and food had been organised prior to our arrival; all our transitions between lodges and hotels were smooth and we didn't experience any problems or disruptions to our holiday at all.

    Perhaps in the near future, Outfitter Nepal could add a small amount into the fees ($10 per person maybe?) to go towards helping porters purchase good trekking gear for themselves like footwear, clothing, rain gear etc. The porters are so hard working and wonderful, I personally would love to see them getting treated well. As mentioned, the porters we had with Outfitter Nepal were fantastic.

    The trek level of difficulty was rated as 'easy' but for a Westerner of average fitness, I'd probably rate it more as 'medium'. Perhaps Outfitter Nepal could include a basic fitness guide to help tourists gauge if they can successfully complete the trek (example: how often do you exercise a week? Are you able to walk 5km a day with minimal difficulty? Etc). That being said, our trekking guide Santos was extremely patient and accommodating and reiterated that the trek was not a race and for everyone to go at their natural pace and listen to their bodies.

    We are sad to leave this beautiful country and it's even more beautiful people, but are looking forward to coming back and traveling with Outfitter Nepal again. Thank you for your hospitality! We will never forget this trip!

  • Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

    My trip to Nepal was a last minute plan. A week before my departure I contacted Arjun at Outfitter Nepal about a short trek. He responded immediately with a descriptive outline for a 4 day trek. As it worked out.

    Arjun met me the day I arrived in Nepal, where we made further adjustments to the plan due to certain restrictions I had, and within that same day he obtained the necessary trekking permits, flight reservations, accommodations and transportation. The next day we were off to Pokhara with our guide Raj for a hike to Ghandruk in the Annapurna Sanctuary.

    It was an amazing adventure. Raj was extremely competent, knowledgeable, sociable, and cheerfully accommodated requests and last minute changes due to conditions on the trail.

    This was the rainy season so we hiked in rain, mist, fog as well as sun and heat but the experience was terrific, the views incredible and we will have great memories of our adventure thanks to the organizational skills and professional service from the fellows at Outfitter Nepal.

  • Ghorepani Trekking

    We booked our tour with Outfitter Nepal and We had a very good time with the guide Suraj in our tour to Annapurna and the 4 young porters are excellent.

    They are energetic and friendly. We had 5 days trekking to Poon Hill. The hotels they arranged are with very good view. We enjoy it very much!

  • Sunrise Nagarkot and Hike to Chanunarayan Temple

    We had a really great experience. The price was fair and they booked our whole trip in less than a day. Our guide was nice and knowledgeable. The night before the trip they came to our hotel because we couldn't make it to their offices. Definitely would recommend using Outfitter Nepal!

    For those who wanted to do this particular trip, it took us a bit more than 4 hours to hike to Changunarayan, 20-30 minutes of which was higher intensity. We needed a lot of layers - the morning was very cold and the afternoon was very warm. Bring meds if you get car sick, too.

  • Ghorepani Trekking with Outfitter Nepal

    I did a 10 day tour of Nepal with Rajee. We had a few days in Kathmandu then off for some rafting, paragliding in Pokhara, a 5 day hike in Annapurna Ghorepani Circuit (AMAZING) followed by some time for Chitwan Jungle Safari.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I learnt lots, met some great people and saw an amazing country.

    Outfitter Nepal was very professional and organized everything and was a bargain. I would recommend and love to go back and visit for of Nepal with them!

  • Poon Hill Trek

    We chose Outfitter Nepal after doing our research on trekking companies Nepal and we were not disappointed. Arjun and Raj were extremely hospitable and patient with our numerous questions.

    The 5-day trek was altered to 4-day for our convenience. Rajesh was a wonderful guide and most commendable was the effort he put into encouraging our daughter who had had quite enough at the early morning sunrise trek up Ghorepani Poon Hill.

  • Ghorepani Trek in Nepal

    I had just 12 days in Nepal and thanks to Arjun and the team at Outfitter Nepal, it was an amazing well rounded experience. I started with a tour of the temples and culture in Katmandu, followed by a trek in the Annapurna ranges, I then headed into the jungle for some more adventure.

    As a solo female traveler I felt very safe and had no problems. My guides for the trek Suraj and Rames were fantastic with extensive knowledge of Nepal and even managed to teach me a bit of Nepali!

    The benefit of having Outfitter Nepal organise your trip for you is that you can really relax and enjoy your travels. I didn't have to worry about bus connections to travel around the country as they sorted it all out for me. I'd definitely recommend Outfitter Nepal to friends and family.

    I had such a great experience, I plan on returning to Nepal to do the Everest Base Camp trek in the future.

  • Annapurna circuit trek in October

    I finished the Annapurna circuit this October. I had never been on a long trek before and spent several months worrying about the experience once I signed up for it.

    Fortunately Outfitter Nepal is an excellent company and the tour guide assigned was experienced and skilled.

    The lodging provided was excellent.

    Overall it was the best trip I have had.

  • Annapurna Base camp Trek

    I spent ages getting quotes and reading reviews and recommendations of various companies and guides before deciding on booking a trek with Outfitter Nepal.  There are so many companies I was overwhelmed with the choice.  Fortunately Arjun was always very fast at replying and following up with me and gave us a good price so we decided to book our Annapurna Base Camp trek with Outfitter Nepal.  It is a Nepali owned and managed company which was important to us and Arjun was very patient with all my questions.  

    I am so glad we did!  We had a great guide called Hari who was fantastic - friendly, professional, experienced and keen to make sure that we were happy with everything.  Hari managed to secure good private rooms for us every night whereas we saw some other trekkers having to stay in communal dinning rooms or a communal tin shed that had been set up in some places or had to carry on to the next village for accommodation.

    Since we weren't having any trouble with altitude and were all feeling quite strong, Hari was flexible and managed to get us to base camp a day sooner than we expected.  We were not in any hurry so just took our time on the return journey.  Hari also took us to the hot springs and talked us through how it all worked in advance whereas we met some other people who had not been told anything by their guides and were a bit perplexed and overwhelmed by the experience.

    I was also impressed by Outfitter Nepal attitude towards safety and their own porters.  We were advised to put our things in one rucksack for our porter to carry and advised on weight restrictions.  We saw other porters being forced to carry suitcases or multiple duffle bags up the mountain which just seemed really wrong. Both our porter and our guide were well equipped.

    Our porter Rajan was like Superman - he was so strong and we really enjoyed playing cards with him and Hari in the evenings.

    We did see people travelling without guides but we also saw some of them get lost and go the wrong way and lose out on accommodation so I think it's definitely worth getting one. I know I also couldn't have done without a porter to carry my big bag either. Some people were carrying their own things and they looked like they were really struggling whereas we were just enjoying our trek.

    We also met a few people going in the opposite direction to what we were going - a much much harder route.  Most didn't have guides although a few of them did.  Whereas the route that Outfitters recommended to us was easier and made much more sense.

    We were so impressed with Outfitter Nepal that we hired another guide through them when we got back to Kathmandu which Arjun managed to arrange at shirt notice. Raj our guide was great, friendly and very professional. Again we thought that we wouldn't really need a guide but we definitely would have got lost without one!

    Both guides had been working with Outfitter Nepal for a long time which I think is a good sign.  Outfitter Nepal were also transparent and helpful when it came to asking about what we should be budgeting for our trip on top of their fee and in providing tipping guidelines which some other companies I contacted didn't seem to bother about.  

    Will definitely be using Outfitter Nepal again for any more trekking we do in Nepal and would highly recommend them.