Chakreshwari School Project

Outfitter Nepal team is building a school!

The Chakreshwari lower secondary school is located at Tripureshwar – 06, Dhading Nepal; where there are about 400 students are studying now from grade 01 to 08 and all the building are collapsed from the earthquake on the 25th April, 2015 and once we visited the school then we found that there was not any possibilities for the children to study in this school in this current situation, we could not do anything as it cost lot of money to re-build those building rather than just looking at them and later, we started to collect funds from our goodhearted costumers and many of you have helped us to our work and now, we have been successful to make temporary building where those students can study.

And now , with support of many individual internationals friends has completed the projected and have build temporary building of eight rooms and now, the students have already stated to take their class under this building, at this moment, We would like to thank to all of you those have supported our project and we have good feeling towards doing something for the society and we have policy of corporate social responsibility and we have happy that we could to at least some thing on this year 2015:

And look some photos of our work!

The Chakreshwari Shcool after the earthquake on 25th April, 2015

Our work to build the School!

The Students of Chakreshwari is studying in ground after the shcool building is damaged in earthquake!

the school is ready now!

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