Packing for the Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking gear list for the Everest Base camp trek in Nepal !

01 January 2017 | Arjun Rijal

Packing for the Everest Base camp Trek in Nepal is not easy however from our experience of long years of operating Trekking to Everest Base camp, we have given some information to pack for your Everest Base camp Trek and we hope, this information will be helpful.


You will need a duffel bag or a backpack (65- 75 L) and all our trekking stuff are kept in this bag and this will be carried by porters.

A day backpack:

You will need to have a day backpack and you will be carrying it every day by yourself and we recommend it to be at least 35L and you will carry water, snacks and clothing layers in it (gloves, fleece, sun block, extra hats, poles, etc…).

Trekking/Hiking boots:

It is very important to have good trekking boots in Nepal to trek to Everest Base camp and they should be waterproof (in case of snow, or accidently stepping into a river) with a sturdy mid-sole and vibram sole, the leather boots will do well on Everest Base Camp Trek and the boot should fit you will so, please take your time to select a pair that fits your foot well.

Sport sandals:

You need to have a pair of short shoes or sandals to use while you are in camp or lodge.


Your old/favorite sneakers to wear in the cities and airplanes and sneakers are not necessary during the Everest base camp trek in Nepal as you can leave your sneakers in Kathmandu hotel until you get back.


You need to have at least 4 pairs of thick socks for the Everest base camp trek in Nepal.

Sleeping Bag:

You need to have a lightweight sleeping bag that work for the minus 15 degree for the Everest Base camp trek.

Lightweight pants:  

You need to have at least 2 pairs of light weight trekking pants, loose and comfortable is recommended and it is better to have one that can be zipped off to shorts for changes in weather.

Warm insulated pants:  

You need to have a pair of Nylon/polyester/spandex fabric pants which should be resistant to wind and rain.

Short-sleeved shirts:

You need to have 2 ice-breaker merino wool or synthetic shirts and If you are not allergic to wool, merino wool is absolutely the best for Everest Base camp trek.

Long-sleeved shirts:  

You need to have at least two shirts.


You need to have underwear and this can be as much as you need as there is not washing facilities every day on our Everest Base camp so, we recommend you to have enough of them.

Jacket fleece:  

You need to have fleece jacket at least 1 synthetic jacket or pullovers are a great alternative to fleece because they are lighter and more compressible.

Down jacket:

A medium weight down jacket is must for the Everest base camp trek.

Waterproof jacket:  

A water proof jacket for the rain/snow and wind is necessary for the Everest Base camp trek and waterproof pants are optional.

Head and face gear:

Sports Hat, Sun Hat, Wool Hat and Polarized sunglasses are necessary.

Hand gear:

Warm light weight gloves.

Traveling supplies:

Adapter Plug, Camera belt, Passport belt (very nice to have), Swiss army knife, Flashlight, Headlamp, Water bottle, Extra camera battery, Hand sanitizer, Alarm clock, Hiking poles (optional ) and Binoculars (optional).


Razor, razor blades, shaving cream, Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, sunscreen, toilet paper, small towel and everyday pads (for women).


First Aid Medical Kit (can be purchased in Kathmandu), Altitude Medicines (Diamox), Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, Anti-diarrheti, Powerful antibiotics and Nose Spray or Drops.

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