Everest Base Camp Trek Distance

04 April 2019 | Arjun Rijal

Travelers around the world desire to accomplish the trek to the Everest Base Camp 5380m. Everest Base Camp is famous for its awe-inspiring trails through the enchanting mountains and mystical glacier.

The Everest Base Camp is one of the popular treks in the world and attracts a lot of queries from travel enthusiast. The distance to the Everest Base Camp is one of the frequently mentioned queries online.

Everest Base Camp is the gateway to Mount Everest and covers the total distance of 130 km round trip starting from. The outward 65 km to the Everest Base Camp will take longer days than you’d expect because you will need to consider acclimatization days too.

You cannot trek to the Everest Base Camp in one get-go. So, you will need to rest for a scheduled amount of days to avoid the risk of altitude sickness.

Experience trekkers will cover the 130 km conveniently than an average person. You will need to walk 5km per hour during the entire trek.

If you have the stamina to hike 6 to 8 hours in the mountains, you can easily cover the distance. You will be walking 15km per day for 9 days on a standard 14-day trek to the Everest Base Camp trek.

Although the 15km hike per day may seem, the ascent through the steep and rocky terrain on the high altitude zone will certainly slow you down.

Therefore, you will need the assistance of porters to carry your luggage through the difficult terrains. This will help you focus on your safety to the Everest Base Camp and back down the trail.

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everest base camp trek distance

Distance traveled to the Everest Base Camp on a daily basis

Day 1

You will arrive at Lukla 2800m around 7-9 am from Kathmandu (1400m). The total time varies according to your destination for the first day depends on whether if you will hike to Phakding or Monjo. You will hike for about 3 hours to Phakding (2,650m/8,694ft). Whereas, the alternative trek to Monjo (2,850m/9,350ft) will take approximately 5 hours to accomplish.

You will walk approximately about 9 km/ 5.6 miles to Phakding and 13 km/ 8.8 miles to Monjo respectively.

Day 2

You will gradually move forward to the entrance of Sagarmatha National Park. The trail continues along the river to a high suspension bridge before you arrive at ‘Namche Hill’.

The trek today will cover the distance of 12 km to Namche Bazaar. You will walk for 5 hours with plenty of breaks and rest intervals along the way to your destination at Namche Bazaar 3440m.

Day 3

You will trek up to the Everest View Hotel on steep terrains as you ascend to 3880m. You will enjoy your day with a stunning view of Mount Everest and surrounding peaks.

The trek today is only 1 to 2 hours long and you will cover the total distance of 3 km on your trek to the Everest View Hotel and back to Namche Bazaar.

Day 5

The journey today begins with a relaxed 2 hours walk ascending high above the valley floor. You will hike for 3 hours up the hill to the town of Tengboche 3,900m.

The hike is a gradual long ascend towards Tengboche. You spend 5-6 hours walking as you cover the total distance of 12 km from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche.

Day 6

You will trek to Dingboche 4,400m from Tengboche as the trail starts down-hill and continues towards the Imja Valley.

The total trekking time today will be around 5-6 hours. After a 12km hike through the gradual up and down terrains, you will finally arrive at Dingboche.

Day 7

You will spend the night at Dingboche to further assist your acclimatization process. The acclimatization process includes a short hike to help you adapt to the surrounding altitude.

You will hike around the Dingboche village for 45 mins and cover the total distance of 3km on your hike today.

Day 8

You will head towards to Lobuche 4,900m ft from Dingboche. It usually takes 2 hours to arrive at Dugla from Dingboche village.

It will take an additional 3 hours worth of trek to finally arrive at Lobuche. The total distance covered today is 12 km as you hike for the duration of 7 hours.

Day 9

You will hike to Gorak Shep 5,180m through the unique and beautiful trails and Glacier moraine for about 3 hours. You will hike an additional 3 hours to reach Everest Base Camp.

The trek today end with a total of 7-8 hours of hiking after the 2 hours walk down from Everest Base Camp to Gorak Shep. You will cover the total distance of 15 km on your Lobuche to Gorak shep to Everest Base Camp trek.

Day 10

Kala Patthar 5554m is a famous view point to enjoy the morning sunrise over Mount Everest. It is a strenuous 3 hour uphill hike to the amazing view point of Everest in the early morning.

You will commence the hike back to Dingboche 4,410m from Gorak Shep. The hike back to dingboche takes about 4 hours to complete, increasing the total amount of time hiking by 7 hours. You will cover the total distance of 18 kms on your trek today.

Day 11

The trek takes approximately 8 to 9 hours to cover the distance of 22 km. You will head down-hill to lower altitude ultimately covering the ground distance quicker than on the way up.

You will enjoy the delightful view of the surrounding mountains and valleys on your back to Namche Bazar.

Day 12

The trek takes about 8 hours to accomplish as you pass Phakding 2610m before climbing the last uphill section into Lukla 2800m. You will end the long tiring walk here at Lukla and spend the night at a tea house.

Day 13

Your body will get some rest from her on as you only have to walk 10 minutes trek to Lukla Airport. If the weather conditions are stable, you will boards the flight back to Kathmandu on the scheduled time. You will enjoy the scenic 45 minutes flight over the mountains to the Kathmandu city.

Daily Walking Hours  

A typical Everest Base Camp trek ranges from around 12 days to around 14 days. There are different variations of the Everest Base Camp trek like Gokyo Lakes trek and Jiri to Everest Base Camp. Both of these treks longer amount if the time between 15 to 25 days.

It will take you around 9 days to reach the base camp excluding the acclimatization days and rest day at Kathmandu. You will return to Lukla from Everest Base Camp in the time interval of just 3 days. The following listed information will allow you to better understand the hike duration and day-by-day break down to the typical Everest Base Camp Trek.

If you are planning Everest Base Camp trek, join with us. We will make your trip memorable.


Travel destination

Duration of the trek


Arrival in Kathmandu


Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and hike to phadking

4 hours

Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazaar

6 hours


Acclimatization day and a quick hike up to the Everest View Hotel

1-2 hours


Trek from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche

6 hours

Hike from Tengboche to Dingboche

6 hours

7 Acclimatization day in Dingboche and a quick hike around the village

45 minutes to 1 hour


Trek from Dingboche to Lobuche

7 hours


Hike from Lobuche to Gorak Shep to EBC and back to Gorak Shep

8 hours


Hike from Gorak Shep up to kalapathar and then to Dingboche

7 hours


Trek from Dingboche back to Namche Bazaar

8 hours


Hike from Namche Bazaar to the airstrip at Lukla

8 hours


Flight to Kathmandu


Leave Kathmandu via International flight


Elevation of the Trek

Everest base camp trek elevation

Everest Base Camp trek is a high altitude trek in the Everest region of Nepal. So, you must be cautious and careful about gaining altitudes every day throughout the Everest Base Camp trek. The Base Camp trek starts from the altitude of 2800m at Lukla. It is normal to feel the effects of the altitude for those who are not used to the elevation of 2800m.

The trek further leads to the highest point of the Everest Base Camp at Kala Patthar 5554m. You will have a magnificent view point of some of the most spectacular views of the Everest and the surrounding peaks. It is a safe Expedition because you will not be spending too much time at that altitude as the trek then descends back down to Dingboche eventually.

Day Place Elevation



2 Lukla 2800m

Namche Bazaar



5 Dingboche 4400m
6 Lobuche 4900m



Kala Patthar



Namche Bazaar








Alternative trek routes to Everest Base Camp

There are few numbers of alternative trails available off the classic route to the Everest Base Camp. The extended trek offers you once in a lifetime opportunity to experience splendid mountain scenery of the Everest region.

Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek (17-26 days)

jiri to everest base camp trek

The Jiri to Everest Base Camp trek starts from lower down the mountains. You will enjoy the extra 5-10 days trek through foothills and farmland to the base of the Himalayas.

You should have the stamina to walk for 4-7 hours per day to cover the total distance of 185 km through the alpine forest and steep terrains. Some of the days may require you to hike for 9 hours with a proper rest stop along the way.

Everest Base Camp - Gokyo lake trek via Cho La Pass 18-25 days

everest base camp gokyo lake trek

It is one of the most popular alternative routes of the Everest Base Camp trek. Everest Base Camp-Gokyo lake trek is a longer route to the west of Mount Everest. It takes you around the beautiful mountain lakes of Gokyo 4750m.

You will hike through the small villages and canyons to Cho La Pass at 5330 meters. After passing through the steep pass, you will finally arrive at the blue lakes and meadows of Gokyo village

You will cover the total distance of 130 km on the Everest Base Camp - Gokyo lake trek via Cho La Pass trek.

Everest 3 High passes trek 22 days

The High Passes trek in the Everest region is one of the most complete trekking experience in Nepal. The trek starts from Lukla before heading up the Dudh Koshi valley.

The trail reaches the Renjo La pass (5360m/17585 ft) and descends to the Gokyo Lake 4790m and on to the village of Gokyo. The route then leads you to the Cho La Pass (5,420m) on your way to Everest Base Camp.

The route ultimately leads to the Kongma La Pass (5,545m) after you soak in the magnificent views at the viewpoint of Kala Patthar. You will walk a distance of 140 km to the Everest Base Camp on the Everest 3 high passes trek.

Training and Preparation

The Everest Base Camp trek require a stable level of fitness to accomplish the expedition. It is not mandatory for any travelers to have a high level of fitness to complete the trek. Hence, you can enjoy the trek with a good level of physical fitness.

Everest Base Camp trek is the hike through the high altitude region of the Everest region. So, the altitude may tiresome of the people because some of you might have never experienced such altitude in your life.

However, you can tackle this problem with proper training and preparation. Therefore, you should build your core strength by setting yourself a training plan 5-6 weeks before your trek. You must commence several short hikes around the Kathmandu valley to give yourself about an idea about the trek ahead.

The 5 hours short trek will also help you build a strong mentality to face the challenges in the Everest region. Joining a gym prior 2 months to the trek is an ideal decision. The training at the gym will focus on building your leg muscle as the exercise like squat focus heavily on your legs. So, the training routes at the gym will help you develop the endurance to walk the 6 hours hikes per day on the Everest Base Camp trek.

You should also indulge in aerobic exercises to help build up endurance for those long days of a trek in the Everest region. Aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging will help you develop your endurance level to its maximum level. This will certainly be helpful to reach your physical limits and conquer the trek ahead.


There are alternative routes to reach the Everest Base Camp. This alternative trek offers a unique experience to the magnificence of the Everest region. Hence, you will find variation in the distance, length, and elevation depending on the routes you take.

Everest Base Camp trek is a high altitude trek. So, you must schedule and allocate time accordingly with plenty of time to acclimatize along the way. You must hike through the gradual changing altitude on a slow and steady pace.

Reaching the Everest Base Camp is an amazing experience. Therefore, you must research proper information about the trek depending on which route you take. You must be aware of the hike time period and distance covered per day on the trekking expedition.

A detailed planned expedition helps to make the trek a lot convenient and easy. The gradual and steady hike will help you enjoy the distance covered to the full extent.

If you are planning Everest Base Camp trek, join with us. We will make your trip memorable.

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