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  • Jun 10, 2022
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Everest Base Camp trek is at the top of the bucket list of many travellers and adventure enthusiasts from all around the world. It is a wonderful experience travelling to the foothills of the world’s highest mountain- Mount Everest at 8848 m. However, you will need to plan your trip with proper booking and processing prior to the Everest Base Camp trek.

Booking is one of the important parts for the start of the Everest Base Camp trek whether you book your trek online or in person. You can book the Everest Base Camp trek in Kathmandu depending on the time you have on your disposal.

In addition, you can also arrange all your booking in advance prior to your arrival to Kathmandu. Booking Everest Base Camp trek from Kathmandu is not an issue if you have few days to spare.

So, any travel agency in Kathmandu can process the Everest Base Camp Trek on short notice. We, at Outfitter Nepal, help you make any bookings you want for your Everest Base Camp Trek.

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Advantages of Booking Online Everest base camp Trek

Booking your Adventure to the Everest Base Camp can be time saving. It will also help you pre-arrange everything prior to your arrival in Nepal. You will also have important information beforehand like the travel dates of the trek. So, you can plan around your schedule prior to the Everest Base Camp trek.

While booking Everest Base Camp trek, you will also have the opportunity to find yourself a trek partners on online forums. Hence, you can also bargain yourself a lower price for the Everest Base Camp trek as most of the trekking agency provide group rate. You are required to pay only the 10% payment now in advance for the confirmation of the Everest base Camp Trek  and you can pay it by online credit cards and the remaining balance is payable when you arrive in Nepal.

Advantages of Booking in Kathmandu

Booking your Everest Base Camp trek in Kathmandu allows you to experience the personal attachment towards the trek guide and the trekking agency. You will also have plenty of spare time to spend with your trek guide and visiting the trekking agencies in person.

Hence, you will have the opportunity to ask the questions related to the Everest Base Camp trek with the trek guide or visiting the agency’s office. You will also meet with the agency’s staff and witness their communication process about the important details for the Everest Base Camp in person.

Everest Base Camp Trek Map

everest base camp trek map

Finding the Best Right Price

During your search for the best price for your Everest Base Camp trek, you could be tempted by the cheap prices some of the trekking agency has to offer. However, a cheaper price does not guarantee quality service and facilities on the Everest Base Camp trek.

There is a slight chance that you might get lured in by tour guides on the street. Some travelers who suffer the same fate are dissatisfied or even abandoned by the unprofessional guide.

So, you must avoid such circumstances at all cost as the Everest Base Camp trek is an expedition through high altitude region and has potential risk factor to it. Hence, even as budget travellers, you should not abandon the option for a better service at a higher price.

One of your main focus should be finding a reliable agency for proper services and facilities. Booking yourself a trek to the Everest Base Camp trek will cost you around $1400-$1700 for 16 days EBC Trek.  So, you must pay attention to the reviews on the website of the trekking agency to determine the company for your investment.

What to Expect After Your Booking from Kathmandu

After you complete all the booking processes for the Everest Base Camp trek, a guide will meet you prior to the start of the trek. The guide will ensure the necessary collective information for the trek such as your travel insurance policy.

The guide will lead and assist you throughout the trek and arrange the facilities of meals and accommodations on the trail to Everest Base Camp trek. In addition, he will inform and explain to you about the diverse geological and cultural significance of the landscape of the Everest region.

You will enjoy the incredible journey through the diverse cultural and natural fusion of the Everest region to the Everest Base Camp.  The trek takes you to backdrop of the tallest mountains on earth Mount Everest. Hence, it will be an incredible journey to the majestic Himalayan terrains and landscapes after you complete your Everest Base Camp booking.

The Everest Base Camp

Thing to consider while choosing the Trekking agency

Before you book your trek to the Everest Base Camp, you must select a reliable trekking agency to assist you through all the procedure for the trek. Most of the trekking agency will help you from getting the travel permits to booking you a flight to Lukla.

Furthermore, you should also make sure the travel agency you are travelling with are valid and are registered with the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN). So, it is equally important to avoid illegal agency regardless of lavish service they promise to offer.

In addition, you should also check detail information about facilities included and excluded on the agency’s official website. You should make sure the travel agency provides pick up and drop, flight tickets, entry permit, meals, comfortable lodges and accommodation throughout the Everest Base Camp trek.

On the other hand, the feedback of the customer will also help you determine the services the travel agency offer. Everest Base Camp trek is a moderate hike but it could be strenuous if the travel agency does not offer standard health and safety measures for the travelers. So, you should also examine the safety and health standards of the trekking agency to the Everest Base Camp.

Outfitter Nepal checks all the boxes when it comes to determining a good trekking agency. If you book with us, we’ll help you have a great trekking experience with the memories of a lifetime.

Do I need to book Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek Before I land in Kathmandu

The Everest Base Camp trek is an amazing journey famous among international travelers and trekkers. Travelers enjoy good hospitality and catering along the trail to the base camp. So, booking ahead prior to the trek will allow your peace of mind as you ensure your fantastic trip to the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. You will also have the advantage to meet fellow travelers and gain knowledge about the do’s and don’ts on the trek.

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