5 Best Nepal Travel offer 2019

01 January 2019 | Arjun Rijal

Nepal is a dream destination for trekking in Himalayas as it always been in the past, the Year 2019 has just been started  now, and if you are planning to have trekking holidays or sightseeing tours in Nepal then you have come to the right places as you can get the best trekking offers for the year 2019!

From the experience of the past that we have learnt that some of the trekking are very popular among the adventure and nature lover so, we have selected some of the treks and tours program and have offered to you.

The Everest Base Camp Trek- 16 Days

If you are planning to have trekking holidays then the Everest Base Camp Trek is the perfect trek in Nepal. Being a most popular trek in the world, the Everest Base camp trek has a lot of thing to offer you. Such as the landscape and the Himalayas are main attraction of the Everest Base Camp Trek plus you will see some forest, birds and animals as well.

the Everest Base camp !

Furthermore, the people of the Everest region, the Sherpa’s are another main attraction of the Everest Base Camp Trek as you can see and experience of the culture and lifestyle of the Sherpa people and you will visit some of the most popular monastery of the regions as well.

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek- 14 Days

The Annapurna Base camp is another popular and mostly organized trek in Nepal and you trek through the jungle of the rhododendron , if you trek in spring then you will see them blooming. The Sunrise views from the Poon Hill is another main attraction of the trek.

the Annapurna Base camp, Nepal

You will reach the base camp of the Annapurna Himalayas and will see the 360 panorama form the base camp and will see the Annapurna Glacier too and everyone will be amazed from the trek, so, we have offered the Annapurna Base camp for the travel year 2019.

Nepal View Tour- 12 Days (Ghorepani-Poon Hill Trek and Chitwan Jungle Safari):

If you are looking for soft adventure trek and some of the leisure jungle adventure then the 12day Nepal View tour is the best for you.

Ghorpeani-Poon Hill, Nepal

The Nepal view tour includes a cultural sightseeing tour in Kathmandu, A 5day Trek to Annapurna-Ghorpeani- Poon Hill and 3 days of the Chitwan Jungle Safari tour and It is the best combination of the multiple taste of the adventure in Nepal. You experience the cultural monuments of Kathmandu, mountain trek to Poon Hill and thick jungle of the Terai part of the Nepal.

Best of Nepal- Luxury Holidays- 10 Days

Are you not able to walk in the mountains for many hours in a day and still planning to travel Nepal? If yes, then the best of the Nepal tour for 10 days would be the best suited for you. You will visit the cultural heritages sites of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, visit the beautiful city of Pokhara, experience some hours hike to Naudada and Peace stupa and experience the thrill adventure of the Jungle of the Chitwan National park.

10day Best of Nepal tour !

This is a type of leisure and luxury tour as you travel mostly by car from place to place and our expert guide will explain more about the places.

Nepal-Bhutan multi-country Tour- 12 Days

Are you planning to travel Nepal and Bhutan in the same holidays? Then we have the best 12 days tour program that covers the Nepal and Bhutan. You tour in the most popular tourist destinations of Kathmandu such as Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan and similarly, you will visit Paro, Tiger’s next monastery and Thimpu (the capital of Bhutan).

Tiger;s nest monestary in Bhutan !

The Nepal and Bhutan is neighboring countries and both are land locked country located in south Asia. The travel to Bhutan is easier form Nepal than anywhere as we have daily flights from Nepal to Bhutan. And we arrange the Bhutan tour plus the flight to Bhutan from Nepal and return and prepare all the other travel related documents for you such as Bhutan visa, travel permits etc…

So, we have selected this Nepal and Bhutan tour to offer you for this year of 2019.  

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