Accommodation in Tibet

Hotels and Accommodation in Tibet!

You spend most nights of your Tibet holidays in atmospheric Tibet accommodation characteristic to the area youre travelling through and t he quality of hotels in Tibet has improved significantly in larger cities such as Lhasa and Shigatse. In these cities you will spend the night in comfortable hotels with your own private facilities, with an authentic Tibetan atmosphere.

Naturally, the more off-road you get during your Tibet trip, the more primitive the accommodation, Instead of staying in hotels you will stay in guest houses and at times you will have to share the facilities. Keep in mind that this type of accommodation can also get quite cold and warm water may not always be available and electricity may falter at times. However, there are always extra warm blankets to cuddle up under and a crackling hearth fire to sit next to. This is a great setting for an adventurous Tibet trip through the Himalayas!

If youd like to start building your own Tibet holiday, simply choose from our range of bite-sized trips to Tibet. Need a little inspiration? Why not take your pick from our suggested holidays in Tibet.

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